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Please note with immediate effect our email address has changed to BramcoteMains@outlook.com.

Please alter your address books accordingly.

Sorry for any inconvenience

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We have been advised that in the current situation no caravans or motor homes may be removed from the site without an exception reason. We need to record any such movement for future confirmation by the relevant authorities.

Those units that are off site currently can be returned to the site only. Owners are asked to limit their time on site under these circumstances – no washing of caravan for example – and to follow distancing rules while on site with other owners and our staff.

Please remember both David and Roger in the office are over 70 and, while the shepherding team are younger, we are in the middle of lambing seasons and protecting their health is vital to ensure the safety of the lambs and sheep.

The fishing will NOT be opening on Easter Saturday and the touring pitches are CLOSED to all customers. In effect Easter is cancelled.

One piece of good news is that we are taking the opportunity of the reduced traffic to carry out major repairs on the drive. It does mean that if you are returning your caravan or motor home as above you may find workmen restricting your access. Please follow their instructions and we will make every effort to get your unit back on site.

As we all say to one another these days – be safe.

We will post updates as we can in these fast moving times.

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High Tide at Bramcote

For those of you sensible enough not to visit us during the cold and dark – and wet – time of the year we thought you’d like to see the latest views of the main reservoir. It started raining on September 21st. and has most days since. We took a foot off the level last week and most of it is back on again today!!


It’s too soon to say what impact this is going to have for the lakeside pitches in the coming season but we’ll keep you posted. They are closed at present and can only offer limited overnight stay.






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Calendar 2020

Just to let our storage customer’s know that the 2020 Bramcote Mains calendar can be collected from the office if you’re coming on site.


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Sorry for the lack of uploaded news. There were a few ‘regular’ problems on the farm over the last 10 days that took time to resolve.

Unfortunately last Monday – 2nd. – we had a message from the Planning Consultant to say as the area we want to use actually lies in Rugby’s district  – which is true but you have to travel through Nuneaton’s district to reach it – Nuneaton told the consultant the application had to go to them. This happened the same day and we waited all last week to see if we could give you all a much more positive update.

However, at the time of writing there is no more news. We’ve had copies of a couple of excellent emails that have been sent to one or both council’s making aware of your predicament and, as long as they are constructive, this may help. After all, you are not going to have anywhere to keep your caravan or motor home after the end of the year.

More news as we get it and we hope that it will be more positive this week.

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We’ve had a busy week with the phone ringing almost constantly as you all are looking for a new space by the end of the year. We are sorry that we cannot help you immediately but I can assure you that we have been active in trying to extend our storage to meet this considerable demand.

Some of you will be aware that we have spoken to our civil engineering contractor who has said that he could create an extension to the existing site to accommodate the extra units BUT for this we will need planning consent from Nuneaton and Bedworth Council.

Initial approaches have not been favourable but we feel they are not really aware of the enormity of the situation. It might be helpful, if you reside in the Nuneaton and Bedworth’s Council ‘s area, that you communicate your problem to your local Councillor and the planning department so that they become aware of the enormity of the problem that has been caused by the closure of your current site.

We have retained a Planning Consultant today to act on our behalf and are hopeful that we can obtain the necessary permission. BUT applications usually take 8 weeks which obviously is too long in the current circumstances.

We will continue to try to find a way to offer more storage areas.

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Further to our previous post we have had a flood of requests for storage over the last 48 hours. We believe this is to do with a decision taken by another local site to cease offering storage. While we do not currently have any spaces, we are doing all that we can to assist those of you who are desperately seeking new storage.

We have started a list of people and are happy to add your details to that list. We are also in active consultation with the local planning department to see if we will be allowed to offer a permanent solution to this demand.

Please watch this website for further updates as they become available.

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Looking for Storage?

Currently, in common with most of the storage sites in the local area, we are experiencing a high demand from potential new customers. We do get a natural turnover but are running a waiting list. We offer the spaces in order as they become available. Please telephone us – 01455-220441- with your requirements as early as possible if you would like to be added to our waiting list.

If you are thinking of purchasing a caravan or motor home in the near future we would advise you to secure a storage space for it before you buy!

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On Friday 9th. August we received notification from the Nuneaton and Bedworth Council, following a revaluation by the Valuation Office Agency, of an increase in the Non Domestic Rates chargeable on the storage areas. This increase amounts to over 61%. In addition the new valuation has been back dated to March 2018.

The past days we have been looking to see if we can absorb the new charges into our existing price structure with a view to continuing to hold the current prices until the usual review at December 31st. Regrettably this has not been possible and we need to bring forward the review date.

The new charges are being applied under section 2.5 of our standard terms and conditions . The effective date will be October 1st. 2019 and will apply to all renewals that fall due on or after that date until further notice and immediately for new customers. This is the first general price increase since 1st. January 2017.

The current rates have been updated on our website.

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The engineers have been working hard all week and your new security passes are now required to access the site. If you have not already done so you will need to exchange your current passes for a new one in the office. There is no need to make a special journey but please allow extra time for this on your next visit.

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