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It won’t have escaped your notice that last weekend was wet and windy. If you’ve not been up to check your van recently, it might be worth making a visit.

We also have a growing number of hitch covers that we’ve collected around the site so, if you discover yours is missing, have alook outside the office. It may just be there!!


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There are nearly always caravans and motor homes for sale off the site as people downsize, upsize or retire. While we cannot act as an intermediary – or offer any opinion or guarantee or opinion on the state of the van, we are now happy to list those we know about for other customers’ information. The current list is now posted both outside and inside the office.

If you’re thinking about changing your van do give the list a look.

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Happy New Year!!

Well, 2012 has certainly come howling in on the farm today!! We’ve had a look round the storage area and got in touch with one or two of your about your vans or covers with these high winds but, if you haven’t been out to yours recently, perhaps it’s worth thinking about popping out one day just to check.

If you do come you might find that there’s no-one in the office. David’s not very mobile at the moment following a minor accident (He’ll be fine in a day or so) so Roger is covering things. You’ll definitely get him between 9 a.m and 1 p.m on the main number – unless he’s out of the office! – and he is covering extra hours as necessary. For emergencies there is a mobile number on the office door.

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2012 Storage Prices

We have today ammended the Storage Rates to reflect what we will be charging in 2012. As the last 3 prices reviews have been forced on us by changes to the VAT rates, we have taken the opportunity to have a more considered review of our charges. We have altered the differential between the groups to make it fairer to you all, and created a new category for medium sized motorhomes. Please see the relevant page for details.

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Caravans for Sale

At this time of year we often have people who for various reasons have decided that it’s time to give up caravaning or to upgrade their van to a better model. If you are looking for a caravan it’s well worth giving us a ring to see who’s got what to offer. For instance over the weekend we heard of an Avondale Wren for sale at round about £600. If you’re interested do contact the office.

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It’s not often these days you hear of things costing less but we’re pleased to announce that we have been able to get a better deal on our AUTOGAS. From today we are charging 76 pence a litre. We also stock FLOGAS bottles. These can be supplied whenever the office is open which is at least between 9a.m. and 1p.m. Monday to Friday – a quick phone call will confirm other times we are going to be about.

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Just to let everyone know that we are still very close to capacity with our caravan storage. We actually have a waiting list of people with the longer vans. That’s not as bad as it sounds because there is always a turn over of spaces at this time of year. People decided at the end of the season it’s time to give up caravanning.

However, if you or your friends are looking for a space it’s a good idea to get your name onto that waiting list. Just contacr the office.


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We are pleased – but you may be disappointed to hear this – that we have very few spaces left for our caravan storage customers. It’s always worth giving us a ring to see if anyone has left and, if you are looking for a space in a few months time, we will be running a waiting list.

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