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It’s been a funn y old month with holidays cutting across the regular work on the farm. We contin ue to be dealing with the extra work caused by the hailstones but I am assured by the engineers that they have looked at all the caravans we have asked them to look at and the estimates are in preparation if you have not already had them. Please be patient as there are a lot of them – and not just on our site.

We have at last managed to make some hay so the sheep will have something to eat this winter and the two rams David bought in France have arrived and been cleared by Animal Health. They are now in with some of the ewes and we expect to see the results early next year!


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We continue to have people who have only just heard about the damage caused by the storm so if you haven’t checked your van yet, please do so. The engineers from the two firms are working as fast as they can to prepare estimates so please be patient.

Some insurers are still insisting on having their own assessors coming to look at the vans and unfortunately we do not the staff to facilitate this. You will have to make arrangements to meet the assessors and to stay with them while they are on site as with any other visitors organised by you.

Please keep us informed as your claims progress so that we can monitor this on going situation.

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Regular visitors to the site might have wondered why we had a big yellow digger working in the area between the toilet block and the lambing quarters. Well, it’s a case of little things having big consequences. You see we had to have the cess pit dug out and recopnfigured because it had become blocked up with material that should not have been put down the w.c.’s.

PLEASE if you are using our on site facilities only put the toilet tissue provided down the toilets. Bins are provided for all other materials.

Many thanks.


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It won’t have escaped your notice that last weekend was wet and windy. If you’ve not been up to check your van recently, it might be worth making a visit.

We also have a growing number of hitch covers that we’ve collected around the site so, if you discover yours is missing, have alook outside the office. It may just be there!!

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There are nearly always caravans and motor homes for sale off the site as people downsize, upsizeĀ or retire. While we cannot act as an intermediary – or offer any opinion or guarantee or opinion on the state of the van, we are now happy to list those we know about for other customers’ information. The current list is now posted both outside and inside the office.

If you’re thinking about changing your van do give the list a look.

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Happy New Year!!

Well, 2012 has certainly come howling in on the farm today!! We’ve had a look round the storage area and got in touch with one or two of your about your vans or covers with these high winds but, if you haven’t been out to yours recently, perhaps it’s worth thinking about popping out one day just to check.

If you do come you might find that there’s no-one in the office. David’s not very mobile at the moment following a minor accident (He’ll be fine in a day or so) so Roger is covering things. You’ll definitely get him between 9 a.m and 1 p.m on the main number – unless he’s out of the office! – and he is covering extra hours as necessary. For emergencies there is a mobile number on the office door.

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2012 Storage Prices

We have today ammended the Storage Rates to reflect what we will be charging in 2012. As the last 3 prices reviews have been forced on us by changes to the VAT rates, we have taken the opportunity to have a more considered review of our charges. We have altered the differential between the groups to make it fairer to you all, and created a new category for medium sized motorhomes. Please see the relevant page for details.

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