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As from 1st. January 2018 some changes have been made to our Terms and Conditions.

The principal changes are:

1: An expansion of the definitions to include motor homes, boats and any other vehicle or item stored on the site.

2: To include e-mail to a caravan owner’s e-mail address as provided as a means of communicating with the caravan owner and as a means for the caravan owner to communicate with the company.

3: To formulise the annual review of storage charges and the advice of any changes in the yearly newsletter.

4: To add the availability of caravan servicing and valeting (at a fee) to the list of services provided by the company.

5: To expand the advice concerning rodents, including a statement of the company’s procedures for their control.

6: To advise of the fire risks of the use of portable/temporary solar panels (PV) and to inform all caravan owners that they are not permitted on the site.

7: To amend sections to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations that come into force on 25th. May 2018.

8: To strengthen the requirement regarding general risk from the presence of gas bottles in the caravan: to require the main gas tap to be left in an ‘off’ position.

9: To advise that the placing of blocks or similar under the stay legs of any caravan is not permitted since in strong winds the caravan can be moved off such blocks and then blown sideways into adjacent caravans. Stay legs must be wound to the ground to prevent this.

10: To include the site rules as posted close to the gates to the main storage area into these Terms and Conditions.

A complete copy of these new Terms and Conditions are available to all Caravan Owners upon request from the office.



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If you missed the snow!


Just thought you might like to see these photos of the farm with a covering of snow for those of you who didn’t have to come out to visit us!



More to come if the Weather Men are correct!


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At long last we are able to open the newest extension to our storage area for the new year. There is currently a small snag in that twice now you haven’t been able to see the white lines because of the snow! As I write we can offer skating on part of it – although the ice is melting slowly – but if you’re looking for storage please note that we now have spaces for most lengths of caravans and motor homes!

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Price Changes

As current customers will know we always review our prices at the end of the year. We are aware of the continuing difficult circumstances for everyone and have done our best to hold our fees at the current level. We are pleased to say that we will hold the 2013 prices for another year.

However, we have a growing problem with bad debts. Several people have simply disappeared over the last year, leaving us with their caravan. Often we have simply had to scrap the van after trying repeatedly to get in touch with them. This also means we have lost a set of the electronic access keys. In order to cover these costs we have decided to increase the deposit taken on those keys to £85 from 1st. January 2014. Please note this remains a deposit and will be refunded in full when a customer leaves provided we have had a month’s notice – this includes deciding not to renew when fees fall due – and the electronic keys are returned.

The storage fees page of the website has been updated to reflect this change.

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Why choose a CaSSOA site like Bramcote Mains for your caravan storage? Well, there are lots of reasons. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the opinion of Shield Total Insurance. They are specialist insurers for caravans and motorhomes and have recently produced a video explaining why they give a considerable discount for people who store with a CaSSOA site. Just follow this link to watch their video (opens in a new window).

Their video library also has short videos offering a beginners guide to caravan storage and the top ten tips for caravan storage

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It’s Snowing!

Just to let you know that despite the snow we are open. The main roads have been ploughed and the storage areas are managable for most vehicles. Please be careful as you approach the first barrier on the drive – particularly early in the day – as the road may be icy and you couild slide into it.

We are in the middle of the latest lambing so staff are working hard both day and night so even if the office is closed there should be someone around if you do happen to get stuck in the snow.

Sheep in the Snow

Sheep in the Snow

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Prices for 2013

The new prices for our storage rates are now available on this site. There have been ciruclated to all existing customers on the inside front cover of the calendar. However, there is a printer’s error on that table. The six monthly rate for a Group D van stored in Row W will be £205 from 1st. January 2013 and not £105 as shown.

We aploigise for this error.

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It’s been a funn y old month with holidays cutting across the regular work on the farm. We contin ue to be dealing with the extra work caused by the hailstones but I am assured by the engineers that they have looked at all the caravans we have asked them to look at and the estimates are in preparation if you have not already had them. Please be patient as there are a lot of them – and not just on our site.

We have at last managed to make some hay so the sheep will have something to eat this winter and the two rams David bought in France have arrived and been cleared by Animal Health. They are now in with some of the ewes and we expect to see the results early next year!

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We continue to have people who have only just heard about the damage caused by the storm so if you haven’t checked your van yet, please do so. The engineers from the two firms are working as fast as they can to prepare estimates so please be patient.

Some insurers are still insisting on having their own assessors coming to look at the vans and unfortunately we do not the staff to facilitate this. You will have to make arrangements to meet the assessors and to stay with them while they are on site as with any other visitors organised by you.

Please keep us informed as your claims progress so that we can monitor this on going situation.

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Regular visitors to the site might have wondered why we had a big yellow digger working in the area between the toilet block and the lambing quarters. Well, it’s a case of little things having big consequences. You see we had to have the cess pit dug out and recopnfigured because it had become blocked up with material that should not have been put down the w.c.’s.

PLEASE if you are using our on site facilities only put the toilet tissue provided down the toilets. Bins are provided for all other materials.

Many thanks.


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