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CL Closed at Present

Just to let people who are thinking of coming to visit our CL – touring – pitches we have had to close them temporary due to the state of the ground. We will honour existing bookings as best we can but cannot take any new bookings at present.

Sorry about this but we cannot control the weather and there are some jobs on the pitches we want to do before Easter. The contractors have not been able to get on the ground so far. We are therefore trying to give them every opportunity.

Watch this space for further updates.

UPDATE: The ground conditions have improved and the touring pitches are once more in use. We have also added more ‘hard standing’ pitches for use during the colder and wetter months.


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As from 1st. January 2018 some changes have been made to our Terms and Conditions.

The principal changes are:

1: An expansion of the definitions to include motor homes, boats and any other vehicle or item stored on the site.

2: To include e-mail to a caravan owner’s e-mail address as provided as a means of communicating with the caravan owner and as a means for the caravan owner to communicate with the company.

3: To formulise the annual review of storage charges and the advice of any changes in the yearly newsletter.

4: To add the availability of caravan servicing and valeting (at a fee) to the list of services provided by the company.

5: To expand the advice concerning rodents, including a statement of the company’s procedures for their control.

6: To advise of the fire risks of the use of portable/temporary solar panels (PV) and to inform all caravan owners that they are not permitted on the site.

7: To amend sections to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations that come into force on 25th. May 2018.

8: To strengthen the requirement regarding general risk from the presence of gas bottles in the caravan: to require the main gas tap to be left in an ‘off’ position.

9: To advise that the placing of blocks or similar under the stay legs of any caravan is not permitted since in strong winds the caravan can be moved off such blocks and then blown sideways into adjacent caravans. Stay legs must be wound to the ground to prevent this.

10: To include the site rules as posted close to the gates to the main storage area into these Terms and Conditions.

A complete copy of these new Terms and Conditions are available to all Caravan Owners upon request from the office.


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