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Many of you have mentioned how difficult it is for you to find the time to enjoy your caravan and to keep it clean. Well, the answer may have come knocking on the office door just recently.

Caravan Support Services will now come on site and clean your van for you where it is. If it’s an external clean only you don’t even have to be here. They offer a full cleaning and valletting service. For more information pick up a flyer in the office or follow this link to their website.


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More Signs of Spring

This morning there were 3 small ducklings on the small fishing lake. Will try and get a photo and post in due course. Let’s hope the crows don’t get them!

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With the disappearance of the last of the recent snow it appears that the grass is at last beginning to grow. This means we can get the sheep and lambs out of the barns and into the fields. This will make it look more like spring around the place.

Also in the last few days an emerging bumble bee has been seen and yesterday – not on the farm – a butterfly that had managed to overwinter was also out in the afternoon sunshine.

But today on the farm – and the surest sign yet that winter is passed – the swallows have returned and are sweeping over the reservoir looking for food.

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