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Just to let everyone know that we are still very close to capacity with our caravan storage. We actually have a waiting list of people with the longer vans. That’s not as bad as it sounds because there is always a turn over of spaces at this time of year. People decided at the end of the season it’s time to give up caravanning.

However, if you or your friends are looking for a space it’s a good idea to get your name onto that waiting list. Just contacr the office.



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There’s a great article all about the Wind Turbine in the Farmer’s Guardian of 14th. September. Follow this link to read it on line!

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Windy Days!

Just to let everyone know it’s been a little windy at Bramcote the last fews days! So much so that our Wind Turbine has been working very well. It produced a new high of 162 kwh yesterday and 310 kwh over the last two days. If you haven’t seen the video about the installation yet just follow this link and click on the photo at the bottom of the page.

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Wind Turbine Update

Just to let you know that the link on my previous post to let you see the video about the installation is now active. All you need to do is to go to the post and click on the picture

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